The foundation behind the Foundation…

Shepard Jazz Camp is affliated with The Stanley Baird Youth Jazz Foundation. The camp was officially started 11 years ago in the hopes to reach our youth through jazz education and enlightenment. Camp is a one-week intensive study in jazz and composition. Guest clinicians help to individualize and intensify student studies. Clinicians have included Donald Byrd (trumpet), Jovan Jackson (saxophone), Joe Chambers (drums), and Brian Horton (saxophone).

Stanley Baird,Founder and Lead Clinician, is a reknowned jazz musician with over 50 years experience. Baird has played along side the likes of Otis Redding, Gladys Knight, Kirk Whalum, Chuck Jackson, and Donald Byrd to just to name a few.

Stanley Baird has dedicated his life to music and enriching the lives of children through music appreciation and education. Baird began his education at North Carolina Central University (NCCU), where he received both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Music Education. Baird chose to make a difference in the lives of our youth by teaching music to children of all ages. He holds over 33 years experience. Baird is responsible for starting the Triangle Jazz Band which is composed of retired teachers. Baird has been a member of the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE) for 30 years.

Stanley Baird

Stanley Baird, Saxophonist


13 Responses to “The foundation behind the Foundation…”

  1. Barbara Mull Says:

    Hi, Stanley. Had to visit your website. Are you involved with teaching at NCCU? Their jazz band’s performance at the Hillsborough Jazz Festival this past year was terrific. If you haven’t visited our festival (bet you have), it’s a wonderful way to enjoy music and the outdoors.

  2. Virginia Rhoton Says:

    I heard you tonite at the Duke function and wanted to go to your website and I can’t get it to pull up I would love to purchase a CD Could you let me know how much one is???? You’ll were great tonite I love jazz and don’t get to hear it alot so a CD would be great Thanks

  3. Jeanne Fields Says:

    There is no more worthy endeavor than building the future by modeling,

    molding, and inspiring the young. It is so unselfish to share a lifetime of

    experience and talent with those coming after you. This and your great

    musical contribution is your legacy. Looking froward to your next CD;

    don’t stop filling our world with your wonderful sound!

  4. Marvin Mumford Says:

    What a great success the Jazz Camp has been, as a former student and clinician of Mr. Bairds camp the experince each child recieves is priceless. Many of us who have come from some very hard backgrounds have found our voice thru music and the many life lessons taught by Stanley and his staff of instructors. I am now a Worship Pastor in Atlanta, Ga. so I tell you this not to boast in me but in the success of this program and what it means to our society at large. Please consider becoming a sponsor and support of the Shepherd Jazz camp give another like me a chance to succeed.

    Marvin Mumford (Bass player & Guitarist)
    Atlanta, GA

  5. JT Pippin Says:

    You are still the GREATEST!
    Tell your percussionist to watch his back. I can take his place anytime.

    Nashville, TN

  6. Guy Hewlett Says:

    Hi Stan,

    As one of your former students, I’d like to express my appreciation and congratulate you on the wonderful job you’ve done over the past 35 years shaping and inspiring young minds. I am delighted to see that you continue to do great work and to lead by example.

    With much respect and admiration,


  7. Frances Nero Says:

    Stanley, It makes me very proud as a childhood friend and musical associate, to see that you are mentoring youth. Young people todayn need some guidance and counseling as many of them have only one parent.
    Keep up the good work as I am keeping a close eye on you and your activities and praying that all goes well in your endeavors. God be with you.

  8. Frances Nero Says:

    1st Female Artist on MOTOWN’s Soul Label – 1965
    Detroit, MI

  9. Leonardo Williams Says:

    Hey man! I love the website. I’m glad to see that the Shepard Jazz Camp is still “on and poppin”. We’ll be intouch. I’m going to pub your website to my students here at Shepard. Thanks again for all of your mentoring. I’ve enjoyed taking over here at Shepard, continuing the legacy left by you and Mr. Oliver Hodge.

  10. Frank Tagatac Says:

    Great website Stanley……

  11. Phyllis Says:

    This a wonderful I feel we all should keep the children at the center of our hearts and any gifts and talents that we have to share should be at the forefront of what we do. So this website is great and a great blessing to many. Chelsea’s experience in the band has certainly contributed to her being a well rounded young lady and she does well academically. God Bless and continue to service the youth, I try my best to give them all that I have. It was such an humbling thing to hear this little girl recite my poetry to me.
    We are responsible for building people to reach their full potential keep up the great work.

  12. Frank Owens Says:

    Doc Leonard would be so proud of you Stanley!

    I feel so proud to have shared the high school band with you and your brother, Louis, who also was a talented saxophone player.

    Keep on making it happen!

    Frank Owens

  13. Thomas Foster Says:

    Hi Stanley! Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your music over the years. Maybe I’ll catch you live at a future Detroit Int’l Jazz Festival. Keep up the good work with the kids.

    Your cousin,

    Tom Foster, Jr.
    Detroit, MI

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